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Filing a Theft Claim in New Orleans

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Insurance claims for natural disasters, such as a hurricane or a fire, can represent incredibly complex and frustrating battles between yourself and your insurance provider. As surprising as it may seem, theft claims can be even worse for the person seeking camera attached to the side of a house

Insurers can be unreasonably skeptic, stating openly or in so many words that they believe you were never burglarized at all. In other situations, an insurance provider might lowball the value of an item that was stolen, leaving you unable to replace it.

Our New Orleans insurance bad faith attorney at LaHatte Law is a strong advocate for the public and their rights. Our law firm is well aware of all the tactics insurance companies can try to use to save themselves a dollar by swindling you out of thousands.

Let us represent you for your theft claim after your insurer has failed to:

  • Provide acceptable reasoning for a denial
  • Appraise your property properly
  • Pay your claim within a fair timeframe
  • Pay the full amount for a claim

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Strengthening Your Theft Claim

Why would anyone be so callous as to break into someone’s home and steal their prized possessions? For many victims of theft crimes, the answer is never revealed because the perpetrator is never caught. Without a conviction, civil restitution is impossible. This is when an insurance carrier is supposed to step in and take care of their customer, providing the value of the stolen, damaged, or otherwise devalued goods.

There are two things you should do to help bring legitimacy to your own claim:

  1. Catalogue: You should keep a physical and digital copy of an up-to-date catalogue of your possessions of significant value. Televisions, jewelry, cars, appliances, artwork, etc. should all be listed in your catalogue, paired with a picture and description of its condition.
  2. Research: Take some time to research the criminal history of your neighborhood, especially when it comes to thefts, burglaries, and robberies. If you can show your insurance provider that there is a proclivity for theft in your area, it can be used as powerful evidence in your claim.

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Many people are understandably hesitant to start a legal fight with their insurance providers. Not knowing the ins and outs of the law can make it seem like a real uphill battle, and some insurers may even threaten price hikes or coverage loss if a lawsuit is created. Our goal at LaHatte Law is to provide our clients with the confidence, knowledge, and strength necessary to succeed after their theft claims have been wrongfully delayed or denied.

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