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  • Hurricane And/or Catastrophe Insurance Claim Preparation And Return

    First, always take photos of EVERYTHING and videos if you have time. Photograph an overview of the exterior of your house, your fences, your trees, and outside structures like sheds, barns, or pool shacks. If you have outdoor sheds, take photos of the items in the shed. These items are commonly referred to as “contents”. If there is a model/serial number on a tool/appliance/electronic item, snap ...
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  • Bad Faith Arbitrary Conduct By Insurance Companies In Louisiana for Property Damage Claims

    After the events of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in 2006, the Louisiana Legislature actually recognized that insurance companies in the State were not treating Louisiana policy holders fairly. The legislatures at that time changed the existing Louisiana Insurance Bad Faith, Bad-Faith laws to heighten the penalties against insurance companies for arbitrary, unreasonable, or bad faith conduct against ...
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  • DEADLINE - BP Economic Business Individual Claims For Money

    Hi Everyone, To Obtain a FREE EVALUATION on Your Potential BP Claim, Fill Out The Form – CLICK HERE This is a friendly reminder that, technically, you have one (1) month left to file your BP Deepwater Horizon DWH economic, individual, or business claim. This is the bp dwh deadline to submit your claim. Under the settlement agreement, the deadline can be interpreted to be April 22, 2014 which is ...
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