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  • Hurricane And/or Catastrophe Insurance Claim Preparation And Return

    First, always take photos of EVERYTHING and videos if you have time. Photograph an overview of the exterior of your house, your fences, your trees, and outside structures like sheds, barns, or pool shacks. If you have outdoor sheds, take photos of the items in the shed. These items are commonly referred to as “contents”. If there is a model/serial number on a tool/appliance/electronic item, snap ...
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  • Bad Faith Verdict

    Attorney LaHatte of LaHatte Law, LLC has won approximately $61,000 for his client, who was denied an insurance claim after her home was damaged by Hurricane Isaac in 2012. The kicker of the case is that her policy coverage was only $20,000 , meaning she won more than triple what she could’ve have been given had her insurer acted in good faith originally. This ruling covers $16,000 for damages ...
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