Louisiana Auto Insurance Rates - Fallacy of Lawyer Abuse

Louisiana Auto Insurance Rates - Fallacy of Lawyer Abuse


Well, it’s another year and another opportunity for the lobbyists of the biggest, baddest insurance companies to spread their propaganda. What am I referring to? I am referring to how automotive insurance company providers, despite their record profits, try and blame lawyers for charging higher insurance rates in Louisiana.

The idea is honestly simple to spread to and convince the public. Allstate, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, you name it, will use their money to convince you that Louisiana lawyers are responsible for high insurance premiums. It is a common tactic that takes place EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It will be in the newspaper (albeit three times a week now, thanks Advanced Publications and Steven Newhouse for destroying the Times Picayune), then it will be on the radio for about a week via local radio talk shows, will be on some Internet message boards, and then the topic will die. The theme is this: too many Louisiana lawyers file personal injury lawsuits and the people of Louisiana are too fast to sue. The persuasion will also include Civil Code of Procedure items like the ability to request a Judge Trial for damage thresholds below $50,000.00. It is nothing more than propaganda bestowed upon you by a business designed to make money; let me tell you why…

Here is some interesting info on some of the top auto and casualty insurance companies:

Allstate: According to CEO Thomas Wilson, Allstate’s mission is clear: “our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders.” Allstate says that you, the insured, are in “Good Hands” but research into their practices which included interviews with former adjusters illustrate how agents at Allstate take a “boxing glove” strategy against its customers and were instructed by their supervisors to lie to their policyholders. A former Allstate employee/adjuster Jo-Ann Katzman stated: “We were told to lie by our supervisors. It’s tough to look at people and know you’re lying.” See David Dietz and Darrell Preston, “The Insurance Hoax,” Bloomberg News, September 2007. Complaints filed against Allstate have been greater than many other competitors according to research conducted by the NAIC. Specifically, in Maryland a few years ago, the state regulators implemented the largest fine in history against Allstate for raising premiums and changing policies without informing policyholders. Allstate paid 18.6 million in those fines. See “Insurance Commissioner Tyler Fines Allstate $750,000 for Non-Compliant Consumer Notices,”Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) Press Release, December 20, 2007.

State Farm: The Hurricane Katrina fiasco illustrated some of the wrongs performed by State Farm. An engineering firm hired by State Farm to evaluate Hurricane Katrina damage for its policyholders stated in an interview that he was asked by State Farm to alter reports with which the company disagreed. He was only allowed to keep his expert, evaluator contract if he re-evaluated the damages. One hired engineer Randy Down stated: “I have a serious concern about the ethics of this whole matter. I really question the ethics of someone who wants to fire us simply because our conclusions don’t match theirs.” See “Home Insurers’ Secret Tactics Cheat Fire Victims, Hike Profits,”.

The entire United States insurance industry reaps over one trillion dollars in annual premiums. That does not include the four trillion in assets, which is more than the Gross Domestic Product of most countries on Planet Earth. I would beg to differ with the positions taken by these carriers in attacking the legal profession. If you have ever been in a car accident and were hurt, did you not want to get your medical bills paid by the driver who hit you? If you have been in that situation, you would clearly say yes. If the insurance companies were successful in somehow limiting my ability to file a personal injury lawsuit, the chances of you recovering from your injuries would be much less probable. The truth about insurance company profits is that the game is to “deny, delay, and defend”. If that holds true, the insurer makes money while not having to pay out a claim. In some of the major companies, there are corporate training manuals explaining to adjusters and managers how to avoid paying claims. Refrigerators are even given to adjusters who win the game in denying the most claims.

In short, the legal profession exists to help individuals with their problems. When a car accident, auto accident, happens or when your home is damaged by a storm, you turn to your insurer for payment. In many cases that insurer pays you little to nothing, or just denies any money outright. When you hire a lawyer like me to help you, usually this can result in much higher chances of receiving more lawsuit money. I find it very curious as to how many times insurance companies in Hurricane cases automatically send an additional, undisputed tender of money once I get involved in a case. So, don’t drink the lawyer, lawsuit abuse auto insurance Kool Aid. It is a complete fallacy paid for and sponsored by your favorite insurance company.

If I can help you, give me a call at 504-599-8666 or email me at jlahatte@glagolawfirm.com. I will not charge you anything to speak to you about your situation, and most of the time, will not charge you anything unless I get more money for your injuries from a car wreck or other, property damages, business loss, or sometimes more.


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