BP Claims Center - Over Two Billion Dollars Paid To Date!

BP Claims Center - Over Two Billion Dollars Paid To Date!

It recently has been reported that the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center has approved and paid out over two billion (2,000,000,000.00) dollars to businesses and people for BP Claims. Our firm has helped many of those businesses and people attain financial recovery for losses sustained from the bp oil spill.

Over one hundred sixty three thousand claims have been submitted to the settlement program. That is alot of claims. Over thirty thousand claims have been paid to date; meaning that they money is flowing for people affected by this tragedy. Yet, BP itself has acknowledged that they believe over eight hundred thousand people could be potential claimants to file a bp claim for money.

Our firm is helping people get their claims approved. Notably, B.P. has stated that in oil spill claims, over forty percent of them have been deemed “incomplete” and an incomplete notice is routed to the individual or business who filed the claim. Our firm deals with these types of problems daily and responds to bp deficiency notices, incomplete notices, denial notices, moratorium notices, and eligibility notices. The process itself, we have discovered, is taking on average about six (6) months to file and either be approved or denied. Actually, I have some claims that are taking longer. It is a long and tedious process, but, trust me, it is much shorter than one could expect to receive from going through a full blown trial on the issue.

The deadline to file a claims is April 22, 2014. That may seem like a long time, but it is only less than one year away. Plus, the sooner we file a bp claim for your business or bp claim for individual loss of wage, the sooner you will get approved or denied. This process takes a long while so it is best to proceed sooner rather than later.

Our firm is also handling representation of hundreds of BP cleanup workers who are now suffering from medical sickness, personal injuries, and chronic conditions. We are pursuing these claims with the BP medical claims center. Currently, these claims are under appeal in Federal Court in the Eastern District. However, we are still taking these claims and we will get you examined by a medical practitioner to determine whether or not your symptoms relate to the bp oil spill beach clean-up, clean up of boats, or boom work.

Please feel free to give me a call at 504-599-8666.

-Lawyer LaHatte

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