In Car Accident - What You and I Need to Know

In Car Accident - What You and I Need to Know

If you have been involved in a car crash, or know of someone killed in a car accident, you need to understand how the system works. A car accident usually results in property damage to your vehicle and could also result in personal injuries to you or someone else. You should always stay on the scene of any car accident and wait for a police officer to draft an accident or incident report, especially if you were not at fault in the accident.

If you are not at fault in a car accident, here is a list of what you need to do:

  1. Call the police and get an officer to come to the scene to draft an accident report. If you are not responsible, the officer should give a citation to the other driver and then draft a report stating exactly what happened on the accident scene;
  2. Make sure that you get the insurance information from the driver. You need to get the policy number, name of the insurance company, name of the driver, their license number, license plate number, and other applicable information;
  3. Take photographs of the accident “as-is”. You need to have this to clarify liability against the offending driver;
  4. Call and report the claim to the other driver’s insurance company and start discussing repairs to your vehicle and/or getting a rental car for you pending repairs.

However, if you get into a situation in which the other driver does not have auto insurance, you will then need to seek action against your Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage. Uninsured Motorist (“UM”) is insurance which protects you in the event the other offending driver does not have insurance. It can also provide insurance to you in the event you are in a “hit and run” accident and you get injured or your car is damaged. I recommend you have at least $50,000.00 in UM insurance coverage, or even more if you can afford it. Louisiana has many uninsured drivers within its boundaries and you don’t want to take a risk of getting injured with not enough money to pay medical bills.

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