Baton Rouge Sewer Sewage Backup Lawsuits

Baton Rouge Sewer Sewage Backup Lawsuits

Baton Rouge Problem Neighborhoods - Sherwood Oaks, University Heights, and Morgan Place

If you reside in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or surrounding Louisiana Parishes and have suffered pervasive sewage back-up problems, I can probably help you. Our firm has discovered that many homeowners in the Baton Rouge area are having to live with constant sewage backup damages into their homes. These problems are costing the homeowners property damages, emotional anguish, loss of value of property, and exposure to fecal matter with related health issues. Our firm has discovered that many homeowners in the Sherwood Oaks, University Heights, Morgan Place, and other neighborhoods cannot use their own bathrooms at times, with many of them having to utilize outside port-o-lets whenever it rains. It is an absurdity to deal with constant, defective sewer systems while owning a home. It is unsafe and can lead to a diminution in value on your property.

Here is one example that one of my clients is facing. Yes, that is a live rat which traveled into his home through the underground, City and Municipal maintained sewer system. This client also has an outdoor “outhouse” that he and his family uses during periods of heavy rainfall; the commodes are virtually inoperable each time it rains because they cannot flush the toilet.

Do Not Sign A Release With The Parish of East Baton Rouge

In many cases the City, like the City of Baton Rouge will claim that the sewer system backed up because of an “Act of God” involving an extreme rain episode. They will usually try and offer a cheap sum to the homeowner for their losses with a signed release. Yet, in many occasions, the backing up is not because of the rain, it is because the actual sewer and drainage system was incorrectly designed or constructed. Faulty design or deficient construction of waste-water systems can be the culprit in dealing with backups of sewage into people’s homes. If your home is constantly being infiltrated with feces, rats, contaminated water, sewage, overflow, or any related city maintained sewer or water treatment system, you could be entitled to compensation. This would compensate you for your actual property damages, loss of value of the home (stigma), and potentially emotional anguish in having to deal with these problems. Please call us if you want to know your rights.


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