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  • Bad Faith Verdict

    Attorney LaHatte of LaHatte Law, LLC has won approximately $61,000 for his client, who was denied an insurance claim after her home was damaged by Hurricane Isaac in 2012. The kicker of the case is that her policy coverage was only $20,000 , meaning she won more than triple what she could’ve have been given had her insurer acted in good faith originally. This ruling covers $16,000 for damages ...
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  • Bad Faith Arbitrary Conduct By Insurance Companies In Louisiana for Property Damage Claims

    After the events of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in 2006, the Louisiana Legislature actually recognized that insurance companies in the State were not treating Louisiana policy holders fairly. The legislatures at that time changed the existing Louisiana Insurance Bad Faith, Bad-Faith laws to heighten the penalties against insurance companies for arbitrary, unreasonable, or bad faith conduct against ...
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  • DEADLINE - BP Economic Business Individual Claims For Money

    Hi Everyone, To Obtain a FREE EVALUATION on Your Potential BP Claim, Fill Out The Form – CLICK HERE This is a friendly reminder that, technically, you have one (1) month left to file your BP Deepwater Horizon DWH economic, individual, or business claim. This is the bp dwh deadline to submit your claim. Under the settlement agreement, the deadline can be interpreted to be April 22, 2014 which is ...
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  • Potential City of New Orleans "Boot" Immobilization Class Action Lawsuit

    POTENTIAL CITY OF NEW ORLEANS BOOT CLASS ACTION SIGNUP FORM – CLICK HERE It has come to our attention recently through both clients, friends, and otherwise that the City of New Orleans Department of Facilities and Infrastructure has been potentially aggressively unlawfully booting immobilizing cars and automobiles in Orleans Parish. Our firm is currently taking names of people who have been booted ...
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  • Port Allen School Bus Crash Today - Children Injured and Hurt

    We were just informed that two school buses in the Port Allen, Louisiana area were involved in a collision today. It looks like there are many ambulances on scene, with some victims being sent to local hospitals. Thus far, Lawyer LaHatte confirms that twenty (20) students were taken to the hospital, in which the accident took place in The Parish of West Baton Rouge. Predictably, many families, ...
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  • My LSU Band Incident in 2001 - LSU v. Auburn

    As we approach the always crazy LSU v. Auburn football game, many of you know that I was a member of the Golden Band from Tigerland for five (5) years; from 1999-2003. Throughout that time period, playing trumpet, I witnessed the re-emergence of LSU Football with Coach Nick Saban, saw countless incredible games both in Tiger Stadium, on the road, and at bowl games, and culminated my tenure with ...
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  • Debt Collector Laws - Harassment, Calling Your Employer, Penalties

    If you are dealing with debt collectors, you really need to know that your rights under Federal law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), protects consumers against deceptive, unfair, and abusive debt collection attempts. In knowing your rights, you will better be able to handle mountains of phone calls to your employer, neighbors, friends, relatives, and to your cellphone. You can stop ...
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  • Auto Accident Lawyer - RTA Crash Yesterday

    An RTA bus carrying several passengers collided with a big tanker truck in Algiers on Wednesday afternoon, injuring 16 people, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Witnesses say that the 18-wheeler and the bus caught fire in the crash, leading to a dangerous situation. Eleven people were taken to local hospitals, the NOPD said; three of them had moderate injuries, and none of the ...
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  • BP Claim Appeal to United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals - My Reaction

    I just listened to the oral argument involving BP’s claim that the claim administrator is misinterpreting some elements of the settlement agreement and thus, implementing phantom losses for certain Gulf Coast Businesses. The appeal, which, to me actually lacks jurisdiction since the misuse of “commonly accepted terminology” was not part of Judge Barbier’s ruling, is centered mainly on Zone D ...
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  • In Car Accident - What You and I Need to Know

    If you have been involved in a car crash, or know of someone killed in a car accident, you need to understand how the system works. A car accident usually results in property damage to your vehicle and could also result in personal injuries to you or someone else. You should always stay on the scene of any car accident and wait for a police officer to draft an accident or incident report, ...
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  • Propylene Benzene Ethylene Leaks - Geismar Williams Plant

    t has been recently discovered that the William Olefins chemical plant in Geismar had a propylene leak only six months ago. Propylene is a highly flammable substance which is derived from natural gas. This “visible leak” was seen back in December of 2012 as reported by the Times Picayune. It is believed that a propylene release was responsible for the explosion which took place last Thursday ...
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  • Geismar Explosion Lawyer - Currently Signing Injured Clients

    UPDATE – JULY 1, 2013 – The William Olefins plant is still closed pending further investigation. Many workers and employees for CB&I were hurt during the explosion and are retaining our law firm to purse their workers compensation claims and personal explosion injury claims against the plant owners. Many of these employees may have post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from the explosion a few ...
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  • Geismar Chemical Plant Explosion Today

    The Louisiana Response network just reported that over seventy people, actually 73, were injured today from an explosion at the Geismar Chemical Plant in Louisiana. At least one death was confirmed, which occurred along Louisiana 3115 in Geismar in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. This facility produces over one billion pounds of ethylene and millions of pounds of polymer materials each year. Ethylene ...
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  • Baton Rouge Sewer Sewage Backup Lawsuits

    Baton Rouge Problem Neighborhoods - Sherwood Oaks, University Heights, and Morgan Place If you reside in the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or surrounding Louisiana Parishes and have suffered pervasive sewage back-up problems, I can probably help you. Our firm has discovered that many homeowners in the Baton Rouge area are having to live with constant sewage backup damages into their homes. These ...
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  • Home Lifting Companies - Be Very Careful

    If you have lived in the Greater New Orleans area for the past 3-5 years, you have undoubtedly seen scores of advertisements for home lifting companies in New Orleans. This is because many of these companies have been given grants by the Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Program to raise flood-prone homes in the Southeastern Louisiana area. Many of these companies include: Orleans Shoring, Coastal ...
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